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uTorrent Plus 3.4.2

uTorrent Plus 3.4.2 Download


Get Torrent Files While Protecting Your PC from Viruses

Torrent sites and applications allow us to get free music, videos, and movies. But we do not know if those sites are virus-free and our computers security won’t be at risk. Fortunately, there's uTorrent Plus, a Peer to peer application that can protect you against viruses you might get from downloading.

uTorrent Plus is the world’s most popular torrent client. It is a handy and faster version of uTorrent, which is a BitTorrent client for Windows and Mac. uTorrent Plus is an application that allows you to securely get your favourite music and videos. uTorrent Plus has added features compared to the free uTorrent version. It has an integrated multimedia player where you can directly play files while the task is still in progress. Another cool feature of uTorrent Plus is that it also serves as a video format converter. You can convert your files so you can play them on any devices.

Enhanced P2P client

Probably some of you already experienced using other peer-to-peer file sharing clients like LimeWire and FrostWire, but these P2P tools may not be that safe for they are known as sources of malware and viruses. Unlike them, uTorrent Plus keeps your computer secured with its integrated virus protection. It automatically detects, blocks, and prevents any malware that can harp your computer. uTorrent Plus also allows you to get codes necessary to enjoy videos in HD.

Effectively protect your system against viruses and malware that you might get in searching, downloading, and playing your favourite media files. Trust and put your computer's security in uTorrent Plus's hands so you don't have to worry about the risks that you can get from untrusted torrent sites. Get secure remote access to your files with uTorrent Plus. Try it out and it is sure that you won’t regret spending for this application.

Safely download, convert, and play your media files with uTorrent Plus.


  • Has integrated virus protection
  • New cool features
  • Has built-in video converter
  • Stable


  • No trial version
  • Only few added features from the free version



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